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Darwin Corporate Park
Level 1, Building 3, 631 Stuart Highway
Berrimah, NT, 0820

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​Sammie Wigg

Program Coordinator - TREETI Business Consulting | Advisor - ASBAS Digital Solutions NT  | Director - Northern Cloud

Key Priority Areas

  • ​Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • ​Using Small Business Software
  • ​Website and Online Selling
  • Online Security and Data Privacy

​Contact Information

  • Darwin
  • All other regions by Zoom or telephone.
  • ​0439 683 093


Sammie is the daughter of two successful small business owners. She has grown up with a great understanding of the sacrifices business owners make, from missing out on family events, to simply not being able to leave the business until all hours to ensure that all those quotes and invoices are done and submitted to clients.

Sammie has been exposed to a number of industries throughout her career, including maintenance plumbing, construction, live export, specialised metal fabrication, event coordination and bookkeeping. Aside from the Live Export, all of the organisations that Sammie has worked in have been classified as a SME, or Small to Medium Enterprise.

Having worked in SME's, Sammie is well aware of the challenges business owners and managers face in the day to day operation of their organisations. This is where her passion for efficiency comes from and the driving force behind her desire to help bring SME's into the now through the implementation of digital tools!