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s ASBAS Digital Solutions Advisor

Melissa Arthus

ASBAS Digital Solutions Advisor | Director - Number Cruncher Accounting

Key Priority Areas

  • Using Small Business Software
  • Online Security and Data Privacy
  • Strategy - business crisis management and business continuity planning
  • Finance - boosting cashflow
  • Human Resources - staff management and creating a safe work environment
  • Customers - retain and staying connected to customers
  • Resilience and wellbeing

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Melissa is an experienced accountant, CPA and Tax Agent and loves working with her clients. She has an intense love for all things numbers, and is passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and flourish. Melissa believes that technology is the future for all of us, and embracing it is the greatest decision small businesses can make if they truly want to succeed.

She has worked in all manner of accounting and finance roles, from small business and NFP’s to public sector. Unlike most accountants in practice, Melissa has worked IN business NOT external to them. If you want to take your business out of the ‘shoebox’ age into the new, super-efficient, tech-savvy age, Melissa can provide specialised advice and assistance in selecting and implementing the technology you need, with ongoing training and support.

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